To the wonderful underwater world of the red seas

DRY DIVE THE RED SEA WITH NEPTUNE UNDERWATER OBSERVATORY Silent and colorful with an exceptional variety of marine life, Neptune is more than a glass boat, you will be completely submerged in the middle of all this beauty,a natural aquarium that until nowmonly divers could enjoy..."

About Us

With crystal clear waters, breathtaking coral formations and amazingly diverse marine life, an underwater wonderland lies beneath the calm surface of the Red Sea. Seasoned divers from around the globe flock to the body of water for some of the best diving in the world. However, you needn’t don a wetsuit to catch a prolonged glimpse of one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts.

At Neptune we offer visitors to the charming resort of Aqaba the opportunity to get up close and personal with the world beneath the waves courtesy of our glass-paneled ‘submarine’. Specially designed to afford voyagers an optimum view of the marine landscape, the vessel has 3 x 2m vertical windows installed around the hull. Neptune submerges up to three metres into the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, transporting passengers from their sunny seaside holiday and into a whole new dimension.

Full consideration is given to matters of safety and comfort. The observation room is fully air-conditioned and is spacious enough to allow each passenger to enjoy the underwater experience in favourable conditions. Meanwhile, the highly trained crew are fully versed in safety regulations as well as being experts on the marine life of the Red Sea. Our submarine boat is also rigorously checked and maintained on a regular basis to ensure optimum safety standards.

Since we make our living from the Red Sea, Neptune feels it is only right to give something back to the natural environment that surrounds us. We do this by organizing yearly clean-up campaigns in conjunction with local schools and wildlife NGOs. We are deeply grateful for the pristine environment in which we operate and spreading a message of conservation to the younger generation is one of our top priorities.

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